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Ballroom in Boston Instructor Vladimyr Derisier Featured in TLC’s ‘Bling It On’

Ballroom In Boston’s dancing duo, Lindsay Norton Mzouakk and Vladimyr Derisier, turn heads on the dance floor with their fabulous footwork and flashy costumes.  But their 2012 appearance on TLC’s ‘Bling It On’ showed there’s more to costume design than just the bling.

During the show, they sat down with Boston-based fashion designer, Sondra Celli, to discuss the challenges of designing ballroom costumes.  Celli then constructed a show-stopping costume that moved with Lindsay perfectly during a competitive routine.  Vladimyr commented in his on-camera interview that the “costume really did accentuate everything.  It gives you a different attitude and we walked out there with a new sense of purpose I guess you could say.”



Ballroom in Boston loves to participate in our local parades!  We annually walk in both Watertown and Newton parades with our wonderful students.  It’s a great way to get more involved with the community!


Dancing with the Stars

Ballroom in Boston has been involved in many philanthropic ‘Dancing with the Stars’ events and performances.   Every year, BIB collaborates with Fontbonne Academy of Milton to raise money for the school.  Most recently, Ballroom in Boston has donated dance lessons to the American Legion Post 440 in an effort to raise money for their Elevator Fund.