Parent-Child Dance Lessons

Father-daughter and mother-son dances are a touching tribute to the love and history between parent and child.  We are happy to help you create a dance that expresses exactly that!

See what one of our Mother-Son students is saying:

Hi Lilia,
Thanks for thinking of us! Everything went perfectly — it was a beautiful ceremony (and yes, we were so thrilled that the weather was totally perfect). Everyone had a wonderful time. All the dances went very well. Thanks to you and Vlad, I was actually not as nervous as I thought I’d be. Once the music started, I tuned out the 140 pairs of eyes watching us and just listened to the music, followed Mark’s lead, and didn’t even think that much — it all just came together. I got lots of compliments afterwards (plus cheers and some “woo-woo’s” during the dance), so that was very satisfying. One of my good friends, whose son is getting married in October and was not planning on doing anything special to prepare for her mother-son dance, has changed her mind after seeing ours.
I’m sure Mark will be sending you photos or video soon. Again, thank you (and Vlad) for everything — it definitely added to the whole wonderful wedding experience.