Social Dance FAQs

  • Yes, everyone can learn to dance! Our motto is, “If you can walk, you can dance.” You will learn how fun and easy dancing really is with our professional instructors!

  • No. Our Staff can teach you how to dance with or without a partner.

  • Although you will be dancing on your very first lesson, there are many factors that determine how long it will take to be good: your natural ability; frequency and consistency of lessons; and how much you practice. Learning to dance is easy, but to be able to dance smoothly and comfortably takes a little more time.

  • We recommend you dress comfortably and avoid close-fitting clothing. As for footwear, avoid shoes that may slip off, as well as sneakers–they tend to stick to the floor.

  • Absolutely! Also, once you become a student, you can bring guests and earn free lessons!

  • You can get started dancing for as little as $49. As with any hobby or sport, there are many different levels of participation. Dancing can be relatively inexpensive. Of course, more serious dancers could invest as much as they choose.

  • Most people take private instruction and attend group classes. Private lessons are the best way to learn because ballroom dancing involves working with a partner. It is not strictly imitative; you can’t just copy someone. How to dance with another person and create a commanding, consistent lead or a responsive, graceful follow requires personal instruction. Group classes are great for learning figures, repetition, and dancing with different people, but there is no substitute for personal instruction.

  • If you need to cancel or reschedule a private lesson, we ask for at least 24 hours notice to avoid being charged for the lesson.

Wedding Dance FAQs

  • No need to commit yet! First try our Introductory Offer! In one session, you’ll get a taste of the most popular dance styles. In the second session, you’ll get a chance to work with your instructor in a one-on-one environment to focus on creating your first dance vision.
  • Regardless of your time frame, we will help you reach your goals! Perhaps you only want to learn a few dance moves to help you feel more comfortable on the dance floor, in which case you’ll need just a couple of weeks to take a handful of private lessons.  On the other hand, maybe you want a fully choreographed dance to your choice of music; in that case, give yourselves more time so that we can work with you to learn a dance that is uniquely yours and expresses your individuality as a couple. Either way, it’s always better to start sooner rather than later.  Don’t wait!
  • No need to panic!  We are ready to help.  Our goal is to help you express your individuality as a couple on the dance floor.  Based on your personalities and preferences, we will help you find the perfect song and dance style for YOU. We are honored to be included in your wedding journey and strive to make this experience memorable for you.

  • Yes!  Just bring your music for your lesson, and our instructors will determine which of the dance styles best suits the tempo/mood of your song and your personalities.

  • Absolutely! The parent-child dance is a touching and memorable moment. We would love to help you create a dance that expresses the history and love between parent and child.