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Take it from someone who has never danced and never really wanted to, Ballroom in Boston is fantastic!!

My partner and I bought the package that allowed us to take part in any/all courses for a couple of months. We enjoyed so many different dance styles. Some we loved, some weren't for us, and the pass was the perfect way to figure that out! The instructors are patient and compassionate. There is no judgement here! They love dance and want everyone else to have a good time. I especially enjoyed taking lessons from Lilia and Bradley.

There is a wonderful "family" feeling at BiB. You feel quickly like you belong and you want to be there. They have created something very special.

-Ashley B.


Ballroom in Boston is a great place to learn to dance! The instructors are friendly and welcoming. I bought a groupon almost 2 years ago and have continued to take classes still.

-Sarah O.


I'm an intermediate level social dancer. A group I dance with has rehearsed at Ballroom In Boston, and their instructors have guest taught at our home club's dances. I am taking advantage of a January special to try out several classes there.

The instructors whose classes I've taken have all been professional, friendly, encouraging and approachable. They are skilled at assessing each person's experience level and adjusting their instruction to meet dancers where they are, from brand new to competition level.

The studios are clean and well lighted, with good sound and a smooth floor. I have taken classes with twenty people in attendance, and in which I got a private lesson because I was the sole student (a treat!).

The students I've met run the gamut from college age to over 70, from many backgrounds. This broad appeal is one of the hallmarks of an inclusive organization. Also, teachers at BiB use the terms "follower' and "leader", rather than gendered language. I wish every teacher did.

Lilia Weisfeldt is a triple threat--she's a generous and supportive teacher, an astute businessperson, and a terrific dancer. I have noted the friendly and collegial way she and the other staff members seem to get along. This is no small thing, as any tension or discord in a performance space can easily telegraph itself to the whole room. I've taken classes in several Boston area venues, as well as in workshops and multi-day dance events. I count Ballroom in Boston among the very best. My fellow group members share this opinion. This studio is a great place to dip a toe into dancing if you've not danced before, or to level up if you have.

-Betsy C.


My husband and I had an amazing experience at Ballroom in Boston. We signed up for the month-long Groupon deal and took a bunch of classes: tango, swing, rumba, foxtrot, and cha-cha. We were total novices, but everyone was so welcoming and friendly and made us feel totally at ease as we tried something completely new to us. We then decided to sign up for some private lessons as we approached our August wedding. Our instructor Matt was absolutely wonderful. He helped us learn to dance the rumba and foxtrot to our first dance (including an entrance, exit, dip, and some fun turns!) and made us feel challenged, yet comfortable, the whole time. We will definitely be back for more classes. Thank you to the whole Ballroom in Boston team for introducing us to our new hobby!

-Shan B.


My boyfriend and I took a beginners class to West coast swing with Desiree (not sure if I am spelling her name right) and she was great! Really made sure we knew each step and answered all of our stupid questions.

The owner Lillia (again not sure on spelling) was very accommodating as well, I bought a package which I was supposed to use by a certain date and my boyfriend had broken his ankle so she extended it until his ankle was strong enough to dance on it.

It's great for any ages and any dance level!

-Amanda S.


The lesson was excellent. Clare, the instructor, was very patient, and she had a very clear understanding of the pace for beginners. The structure is: basic footwork, complex footwork, implement footwork to certain dance, increase dance complexity, add music, and repeat. We learned 2 dances our first lesson: the waltz and the hustle.

My girlfriend and I signed up on their website, which didnt have a price, so I emailed them, and was informed it was $20 per person and could pay when I arrived. Upon arriving, I only received instructions to sign in, so I thought we were going to pay at the end. The end comes, and I think Clare had another class right after, and it seemed like I didnt have to pay bc no one asked me to sign any forms or pay. So I asked to pay, and Clare asked for my name and took my payment. It seems like they need to improve their organization? As a customer, I was confused and I believe its a merchant's responsibility to be better. Maybe try implementing the payment system online?

Overall, I would do it again. The lessons teach you a great deal and are very fun. Instructor was very good!

-Aaron O.


Huge fan!!! We worked with Lilia to perfect our first dance for our wedding. We went to their complimentary Friday night wedding dance session, and then booked 3 additional private sessions. She did an excellent job helping us with some moves and making sure we were comfortable. She also gave us some invaluable tips to make the whole process run smoothly. Would highly recommend.

-Krista G.


In preparation for our son's wedding in September, my husband and I took a series of lessons with Lilia. I have been convinced for decades that I could never be comfortable dancing, and have steadfastly avoided any dance floor I encountered. With Lilia's skillful, articulate, and patient instruction, my fears (and nervousness) melted away and we learned to have a fabulous time dancing -- my appreciation for Lilia's talent is enormous.

-Susan B.


My boyfriend bought a Groupon which gave us a month of unlimited group dance lessons at BIB and one private lesson. Neither of us have any real experience dancing and were both a bit nervous to start. We went to a bunch of group beginner dance lessons which highlighted a different dance each week. Our instructor Vlad was amazing! He made everyone in the room feel comfortable and broke dances down into easy pieces! By the end of each class I really felt like I had a grasp on the basics of each dance.

And the end of our month, we booked our private lesson also with Vlad. It was so much fun! Vlad is hilarious and a very skilled instructor. In the future I'd love to take lessons again! I would highly recommend BIB, Vlad especially!

-Emma M.


My husband and I were looking into dance lessons for our first dance at our October wedding last fall. We chose BiB based on the reviews and purchased a Groupon: Ballroom Dance Package for Two (1 month of unlimited group dance classes & 1 private lesson).

Our private instructor was Kendall and SHE IS THE BEST! Enthusiastic, encouraging, patient, and beyond helpful with our lack of dance skills. Like, can we invite her to the wedding?! Haha. She recommended purchasing 3 private lessons in addition to the package, but we ended up booking 6 privates, to really nail our dance - especially since we were a little ambitious and selected two songs.

In the private lessons, Kendall taught us the proper entrance & exit, transitions, dips, expressions, and several awesome dance moves (grapevine!!) that we could use whenever we wanted to during our songs to make it look more natural. Let's just say, my husband and I went from being super nervous to feeling like tap-dancing penguins in Happy Feet. Kendall even had us perform our dance in front of the other students in our final lesson, which really helped us feel more comfortable in front of a crowd.

My husband and I killed our first dance at our wedding!! Our friends and family are still complimenting us! We had such a great learning and first dance experience that we might just come back for fun. Thank you, Kendall!

Tips if you're here for wedding dance lessons:
* Bring your wedding dance shoes (ladies & gents!)
* Stick to the dance styles that your instructor is teaching you, i.e. don't go to salsa group lessons if you're learning the foxtrot for your first dance, and vice versa. Otherwise, it might be confusing.
* Eat breath mints (free at the front counter) - you're face-to-face with your partner, and s/he will hate you if your breath is kickin'

-Jamie F.


Ballroom in Boston is great! My now-husband and I took 7 private lessons for our first dance at our wedding. We only had 2 weeks before our wedding to do this, since we left it till the last minute. We took lessons with both Lilia and Vlad - both are amazing teachers! We had so much fun. We were stressed out approaching this since we had a time crunch and we didn't think learning to dance would be fun and I thought it would feel like a chore. But it was so much fun! Lilia and Vlad are both funny and attentive. They communicated with each other between lessons, so there was never any loss of continuity even though we had two instructors. They were great about scheduling our lessons in last minute, to suit my husband's busy work schedule and our travel schedule. Lilia canceled our last scheduled lesson and refunded the money for that, because she told us that she knew we were ready and we'd be great on our wedding day - such an honest thing to do! We really appreciated all of Ballroom in Boston's help in pulling together our first dance. Our wedding was this past Saturday and everyone commented on how great we looked, especially the perfectly executed, romantic dip at the end of our dance. Thank you Lilia and Vlad! We enjoyed ourselves so much that we plan to continue taking dance lessons now even after the wedding.

-M M.


My fiance and I purchased a 5-class package of private lessons to improve our dance skills before our wedding. Our instructor Sara was outstanding - extremely patient, very knowledgeable and genuinely cared that we enjoyed what we were learning. She worked with us to narrow down the song for our first dance and taught us many different styles that would be appropriate. We plan to continue dance lessons after our marriage. I would recommend Ballroom in Boston and Sara to anyone interested in taking dance lessons.

-S K.


I love Ballroom in Boston! I bought a Groupon for BiB in December. I had not heard anything about the place prior to buying the Groupon, but I have been impressed with each instructor and every class.
The instructors are great dancers and are able to break down basic dance steps into pieces that can be easily learned by everyone in the class, from the novice adult attempting a dance class for the first time to the moderately proficient dancer just wanting to get some exercise and improve their technique.

The atmosphere is very welcoming. The owner, instructors, and students all have a great time dancing together. The encouragement and support given to new students (and old too) during the classes and socials is something I've never seen before but it should be practiced at every studio! When egos are left at the door, everyone has a wonderful time.

-Beth L.


Ballroom in Boston has been a great experience! All of the teachers are just wonderful. Even if you've never danced before in your life and think you are someone who can't learn to dance, give it a shot! The teachers break down and teach the moves in such a way that it really is no more difficult than walking. I was shocked by how easy it really was. The teachers are very supportive and encouraging and there really is no way to fail here. I was also pleased to find that the other students are very encouraging as well. No attitudes or egos, just people trying to learn. Oh, and there's plenty of parking too!

-Natalie S.


My husband and I worked with Lilia on our first dance before our wedding. We came to her with not a lot of time left, about a month before our big day and working with her couldn't have been easier or more fun! Not known to us at the time, but we apparently picked a swing song - which terrified us at first but with Lilia's instruction we came up with some great moves that were easy to maneuver (even with a big poof dress!) and made us feel/look great! She was very patient and always had a great smile and positive things to say! The studio where we had lessons was easy to get to and even though we switched rooms for some of them, it was never complicated! I highly recommend this company to all wedding couples or couples in general who are looking to learn how to dance. I'm thinking about continuing with regular date-night lessons because it was so much fun! You won't be disappointed !

-Sarah W.


Everyone here is extremely friendly and very good instructors. My fiancee and I have two left feet and they were able to whip us into shape in no time. Lilia is an amazing instructor. She takes you through the basics and adds maneuvers at the right time. She made both of us feel comfortable the whole time and we feel extremely confident we are ready for our wedding. Thanks!

-None O.


If you are looking for accessible, encouraging, and most importantly FUN dance lessons, look no further! My husband and I took 5 lessons with Lilia a few years ago as part of a Groupon that he bought me as a gift. We had such a blast, and our new-found dancing skills made going to weddings so much more fun for us. Fast forward to this past year as we prepared for our own wedding. We knew we wanted to take lessons, and decided to try a different dance studio down the street from us in Boston to save travel time during some very busy months. Big mistake. We recognized immediately that Lilia's skill, style, ability to make us feel confident, and sense of humor could not be matched and we contacted her the next day. Ballroom in Boston is worth the drive from anywhere (even during rush hour). Lilia made us feel so good about our dance and made every lesson a pleasure. We practiced for our families before the wedding, and they were wowed by how natural we looked. And, most importantly, on our wedding day, we pulled it all off confidently and without a hint of nerves and had so much fun doing it. I would recommend 3-4 lessons at least to make your dance feel more natural and less choreographed. I cannot recommend Ballroom in Boston enough. Thanks, Lilia, for making our first dance memorable!!!

-Alison L.


We came here because I won a gift certificate, and I'm so glad we did. We wanted to learn a dance for our upcoming wedding, and thanks to Sara we'll be able to do more than just sway back and forth! She is an excellent teacher, and her positivity and upbeat personality made every lesson fun. If she can teach us how to dance, she can teach you! If you're looking to take private lessons, I would highly recommend Ballroom in Boston.

-Jennifer S.


My fiance and I bought a 5 private lesson package to learn some basic dancing skills before our wedding. We contacted a few different studios, and what really sold us on this one (beside the excellent reviews) was their prompt responses to our emails and their ability to fit us in on the weekends. We requested a female teacher and we got Sara. She is a wonderful teacher. Her positive, fun personality really put us at ease. The studio is very nice inside -- open and clean. We had a great experience working with Sara and the other teachers there seem great as well.

-Erin H.


My fiance and I purchased a 5-class package of private lessons to improve our dance skills before our wedding. Our instructor Sara was outstanding - extremely patient, very knowledgeable and genuinely cared that we enjoyed what we were learning. She worked with us to narrow down the song for our first dance and taught us many different styles that would be appropriate. We plan to continue dance lessons after our marriage. I would recommend Ballroom in Boston and Sara to anyone interested in taking dance lessons.

-Jarad H.


I was finally inspired to take those ballroom lessons I had been wanting to take thanks to a Buy with Me deal I purchased last fall for 5 private lessons. I was immediately hooked and have been dancing ever since. Vlad is an awesome instructor - he is upbeat, fun and encouraging. He was interested in what I wanted to learn but he has also made it a point to introduce me to new things over time. I eventually dragged my husband in for swing lessons, and despite his trepidation about the whole affair, he has become a fan too. Vlad is very patient and is able to accommodate our different styles and skill levels.

I have also taken Zumba with both Vlad and Sara - so much fun and a great workout! Certainly a fabulous compliment to ballroom dance to keep you toned and your cardio in tip top shape!

I have had the opportunity to meet and dance with all of the instructors at socials and boot camp and I am impressed with how friendly and welcoming they all are as well as very proficient teachers. You really can't go wrong with any of them.

Don't delay any longer, get out there and dance!

-Alison R.


We purchased a gilt city deal to learn a basic ballroom dance so we wouldn't look like idiots during the first dance of our wedding. We were pretty nervous because both my fiancé and I are cursed with 2 left feet. Luckily Nghi, our instructor, is awesome. We have had 2 private lessons with her and we have already improved so much! We have a few more scheduled and we are confident that our first dance will be great! They offer discounts if you book 5 or more classes at a time.

-H C.


My fiancee and I just had our first lesson with Vlad last night. He so totally rocks! I've known Vlad for a number of years through a mutual friend, so when my fiancee and I decided to do dance lessons for our wedding, Vlad was it. I already knew he was a fun and great person, but now I can say that he IS absolutely a fun and WONDERFUL dance instructor. He's positive, upbeat, knowledgeable, and breaks the steps down in simple ways. He also asked us what we wanted from the experience, and didn't tell us we were crazy when my fiancee requested that he teach us a "kick ass move." He's amazing to work with - and left us excited for our next lesson, which just feels good. He also left us able to understand how to read each other while doing the steps, which isn't something I'd ever really thought of or considered...that was a major lesson in and of itself.

Lasly - everyone else we talked to was very nice, and the facility itself is clean and quaint. And the company has TONS to offer...classes, and lessons and events. I'd probably get hooked on all their offerings if I weren't finishing grad school and planning a wedding. 🙂

We're so looking forward to our next few lessons!

-L B.


Everyone is friendly and make you feel comfortable/welcome. Wayne is great. He breaks down the steps so people like myself with two left feet can understand why I'm crossing my feet. Sara gives great instructions with a bundle of energy! Social monthly membership is a great way to start. It allows you to take all group classes and attend social dance which lets you practice with everyone including the instructors.

In additional to the introductory classes, there are formation teams and more advance classes bringing you to the next level of dancing.

-Freelunch L.


I found Ballroom in Boston via craigslist and decided to check out their Zumba class. I went both Monday night and Wednesday night this week and I loved it! The instructors are very upbeat and energetic and both my classes were small. They have plenty of space so you don't feel crowded like you do in some gyms. Everyone is very friendly and I felt welcome, but not pressured to come back. They have different payment options including pay by class, monthly passes and punch cards. I love that you can drop in or sign up for a class beforehand. It makes working out fun and very easy for the working professional.

-Alison C.


Ms. Sara Zirolla is FANTASTICAL.

By the grace of BuyWithMe my boyfriend decided to surprise me with a set of lessons to this wonderful studio in Newton. It's unassuming business front seemed like nothing special, but once inside the beautiful second-story studio, we were wowed. Sara was a hit from the start. Her charming personality and her explicit love for dance were incredibly infectious and she had my bf and I sweating and spinning on the dance floor in no time. We learned the Foxtrot and Salsa in honor of a wedding we'd be attending. Sara was very attentive, very patient (I tend to giggle when I'm nervous) and was a pure delight to be around.

We looked forward to every session and scheduling (both online and over the phone) are very reasonable. We've unfortunately not been able to return (due to personal scheduling), but it's on our radar. Since our last session, Sara was kind enough to call us and let us know that she also enjoyed working with us and would love for us to return. We'll be back - dance shoes at the ready!

-Kimberly T.


My sister gave us a gift certificate to Ballroom in Boston so we could learn how to dance (or at least, how not to embarrass ourselves) in time for our wedding. Lilia was our teacher and she was great! She really knows how to teach well, gives us good tips, the pace of the class is appropriate, and was able to design a simple choreography to our first dance song! I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to learn how to dance!

-Evelyne G.


Lilia is awesome! In just two classes (of 45 minutes each) she has taught me some good basic moves in Rumba, Swing and Salsa. She pays a lot of attention to each partner's steps and as a couple. She is very supportive and makes the classes a fun experience.

Lilia also makes scheduling classes via email a breeze!

We had a BuyWithMe for 3 private lessons which worked out really well. I'm looking forward to her group classes next. No longer shall I be ashamed of my lack of dancing skills!

-Raj S.

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