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Proof of vaccination is required for everyone 12+ years of age entering the studio. Masks are encouraged.

Beginner Adult Jazz: Jazz a high-energy dance style! This NEW beginner class is perfect to get your body moving to popular music and to bring that sass and attitude to the dance floor! We will learn weekly choreography, proper placement, and even work on some improvisation to get creativity flowing! Space is limited so sign up today! We can’t wait to dance with you, sign up before the class fills up!

Beginner Line Dance: No partner? No problems! Line dancing isn’t just country music anymore; we dance to everything from oldies to today’s top 40! This class is perfect for beginners, so get on the dance floor! Space is limited, so sign up today!

Beginner Tango: This month we will be teaching beginner tango! Tango is a passionate dance made mainstream by the movie “Scent Of A Woman”! This class is the perfect starting place for those dancers who want a little spice in their life! We welcome everyone as we believe anyone can dance! No partner necessary! Drop in for just $15 or sign up for our $49/month Unlimited Pass to take all of our group classes! 

Unlimited Pass: Our group classes are open to all — with or without a partner! We know so many of our students have been eager to hit the floor and now you can! Of course, the best way to take advantage of all of our classes is with our unlimited pass, which is just $49/month. Download the July 2022 Group Class Calendar Sign up for classes here

Private Dance Lessons: We’re now booking dance lessons for both couples and single students. Book your private lesson here 


Proof of vaccination is required for everyone 12+ years of age entering the studio. Masks are encouraged.

Dance With Me, Saturdays at 9:00am or 9:30am, beginning 9/8 (Ages 20months-2years & and adult): Our Dance with Me class is an introductory creative movement toddler dance class where a parent or guardian joins them during their dance class. Dance with Me classes introduce toddlers to our studio and make sure they feel comfortable learning to dance with us before transitioning into a dance class on their own. Parents and guardians are encouraged to dance along with their toddlers during Dance with Me classes. Sign up before spots fill up, only $60/month! Proof of vaccination required for 12 years and older. Masks encouraged.

Musical Theater, 12:15pm or 2:15pm, beginning 9/8 (Ages 5-7 years): Come join us for a dramatic Musical Theater Class where we act out and dance to some of our favorite musicals! Your budding actor or actress will love this class as they bring their creative, dramatic side to life through dance and theater games! Sign up for our fall session for just $70/month. Masks encouraged.

Tippy Toe Tots Saturdays at 10:30am or 11:00am, beginning 9/8 (Ages 3-4 years): Our Tippy-Toe-Tots class is the perfect creative movement class for your kiddo to begin dancing on their own! This class gently introduces your little dancer to the excitement of dance and rhythm through fun movement activities. Each week will have it’s own theme and allow your child’s creative mind to thrive! Sign up today for just $60/month! Masks encouraged. 

Rockin’ Kids, Saturdays at 10:00am, beginning 9/8 (Ages 20 months & up and an adult): Our Rockin’ Kids class is a fabulous way to bring your child into the world of rhythm and music! You and your kiddo will march to the beat, use different musical instruments such as jingle bells, rhythm sticks, and shakers, and connect the rhythm to your feet! Explore the world of music with your kiddo today! Sign up today for just $60/month. Proof of vaccination required for 12 year and older. Mask encouraged.

Jazz & Ballet Combo, Saturdays at 11:30am or 1:30pm, beginning 9/8 (Ages 5-7 years): Our Ballet/Jazz Combo class teaches children the basics of ballet and jazz in a fun and creative way. This class is great for first time dancers! We also work on motor skills, cognitive skills, and following directions. It’s also a great way for your child to connect with new friends and have a blast! The ballet portion of the class will focus on basic ballet moves and the jazz portion will include movements across the floor. If your child wants to jazz walk their way across the floor, twirl, and leap, this is the class for them! Sign up today for just $70/month! Masks encouraged. 


Proof of vaccination is required for everyone 12+ years of age entering the studio. Masks are encouraged.

7/27: Wedding Dance For Beginners: Need a little help putting your first dance together for your wedding day? Don’t let your nerves keep you from having a great time on the dance floor! You and your partner will learn a beautiful turn and romantic dip in just one class! Our next class is on Friday, June 10th at 7:30pm and is just $49/couple! Register today before the class fills up! 

Private Dance Lessons: Ready for a little 1-on-1 help to create a first dance as unique as you and your fiancé? Whether you’re looking for something simple and romantic or show-stopping, we’ve got you covered! Email (info@ballroominboston.com) or call (313-288-2784) to find out about how to get started!