Meet the Faces of Ballroom In Boston

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What makes a great dance studio? The people in it of course!

We at Ballroom in Boston take great pride in providing a bright, happy and fun place for anyone and everyone to come and practice the art of dance. Our staff naturally creates this welcoming atmosphere because we truly love meeting new people and developing new friendships.

Here are the faces of Ballroom in Boston that make it all happen…

It all starts with Lilia Weisfeldt.

Lilia Weisfeldt, Owner & Dance Instructor

Lilia is the owner of Ballroom in Boston. Although she hasn’t always been a Bostonian. Lilia was born in Texas, raised in North Dakota, went to college here in Boston and then taught dance down in Florida. Finally, she returned to Boston in 2006 and opened her own dance studio here in Allston, MA.

Somewhere in between all of that traveling, Lilia found herself in Arizona where she just happened to stumble upon a newspaper clipping that advertised one free ballroom dance lesson at a local dance studio. Lilia took the class and immediately fell in love!

Today, Lilia finds excitement in teaching beginners (just like she once was) who stumble upon a welcoming advertisement from Ballroom in Boston. She loves to watch their nerves and curiosity transform into relaxation, confidence and love for the dance floor just as it did for her so many years ago.


Zachary (Zach) Miller, Receptionist


While Lilia is running around teaching and managing the studio, Zachary (Zach) Miller can be found behind the front desk.

Zach is often the first to give everyone a welcoming “Hello!”

We love having him on our Ballroom in Boston team as he too shares our love for dance and music. Zach is a wonderful musician who enjoys expressing his musicality through dance as well.

When he isn’t at our studio he is usually, making music or writing stories and jokes.





Vladimyr (Vlad) Derisier, Dance Instructor


Then there is Vladimyr (Vlad) Derisier, one of our beloved dance instructors.

Vlad has always loved the art of dance and was particularly fascinated by ballroom dance. However, it wasn’t until college that he got on the dance floor himself.

Vald’s favorite part of dancing is how it can transform the simplest movements of the human body into art, right before your eyes.

If Vlad isn’t dancing then he is most likely practicing yoga, zoning out to Netflix or eating!



Nathan (Nate) Stockwell-Velazquez, Dance Instructor

Nathan Stockwell is another one of our dance instructors.

Nathan has been dancing for 22 years! He began when he was in elementary school and carried his passion through to high school where he majored in dance at the Boston Arts Academy.

Nathan’s favorite thing about dance is that it has no bounds. Instead, it serves as a great unifier. People from all parts of the world enjoy dancing and he loves sharing that commonality with others.

When Nathan isn’t dancing, he is eating, sleeping or watching his favorite TV show, The Walking Dead.



Adriana Pinto, Event Organizer & Argentine Tango Instructor

Our next instructor came to us all the way from South America!

Adriana began her journey with dance in Brazil 20 years ago. She started just like most of you. She joined a dance studio and began dancing all types of rhythms. That is until she found her passion for the Argentine Tango.

We were so thrilled when Adriana joined our team as our Milonga Organizer and Argentine Tango instructor! Adriana says that her favorite thing about being an instructor is that she has the opportunity to pass on her passion for the dance, music and culture of the Argentine Tango.

If Adriana isn’t dancing then you will find her enjoying the outdoors, traveling, practicing yoga or snuggling up with her two cats!



Matt and Desirae
Desirae Vasquez & Matthew Davis, West Coast Swing Instructors

Finally, we have Desirae Vasquez & Matthew (Matt) Davis.

Matt & Desirae are our West Coast Swing instructors.

Both of them stumbled upon their love for dance out of what we like to think was fate!

Believe it or not Matt’s High School calculus teacher loved West Coast Swing and taught his calculus class a bit of the basics. That encouraged Matt to explore the dance world a bit deeper and that’s when he found his love for the art.

As for Desirae, she was out for a fun night with friends when she unexpectedly found that she had a real passion for dance.

It has been 4 years and both Desirae and Matt are still pursuing their passion for the art. 


So, as you can see everyone at Ballroom in Boston entered the world of dance for a different reason and in a different way.  However, we all share the same passion…

We love dance and we want you to too!