Ballrom in Boston is now opening its doors to floor renters! Below you will find all of the important details.

Rental Rates

If teaching 10 or fewer lessons/week:

$15/45-minute lesson

$20/1-hour lesson

If teaching more than 10 lessons/week:

$12/45-minute lesson

$16/1-hour lesson

EXAMPLE 1: Bob teaches 10 45-minute lessons in a week. He pays $150.

EXAMPLE 2: Sue teaches 12 45-minute lessons in a week. She pays $144.

How and When To Pay

Payments are made weekly on Sundays. Add up your lessons from the last 7 days (Monday-Sunday) and pay the appropriate amount.


We require all floor renters to carry their own liability insurance.

If you already have insurance, list us as additionally insured on your insurance. If you need help, please email us.

If you do not already have insurance, you can purchase insurance through our insurer for $166/year that covers you for up to $1 Million. This insurance will cover you anywhere you list as additionally insured.

Other Policies

Details about music use, closing, masks, vax, etc.

  1. availability, link to google calendar

  2. where to email to schedule