Rock The Dance Floor At Your Holiday Party

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It’s the holiday season and it’s time to dance! If you’re worried about hitting the dance floor in front of your colleagues and friends, then we have some advice for you…

Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many dance moves. Instead, we recommend you focus on two simple dances that will keep you covered all night long.

The first of the two is the rumba. It’s a romantic dance that works great with a variety of slow songs.

Photography Credit: Johnson Photography

Meanwhile, if an upbeat tune comes on, there’s just one way to go…

Photography Credit: Johnson Photography

Do the hustle!

The hustle is the most useful fast paced dance at a social gathering. Rhythmically speaking, it works with most contemporary upbeat music.

Both the rumba and the hustle are easy to learn. They’re a more structured version of what one might naturally do on the dance floor. So, with dances like these, you’ll have no problem blending in with the crowd. However, you’ll look a bit more coordinated than your neighbor!