Top 10 Reasons Couples Should Dance Together

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Photography Credit: Johnson Photography, Inc.

1. IT HELPS YOU LEARN ABOUT EACH OTHER: You learn a lot about a person when they’re learning something new. When you and your partner take on a new hobby you’ll see a side of them that you’ve never seen before.

2. IT BREAKS UP A MONOTONOUS WEEK: Dancing is an exciting and fun thing to do! Meeting up for class will help keep your relationship from feeling boring and mundane.

3. IT’S GREAT EXERCISE: Dancing is a workout and because you’re doing it together you can hold each other accountable. Who doesn’t love a workout buddy?

4. IT CREATES TOGETHER TIME: Life is busy. There’s no question about that. However, if you sign up for dance class then it forces you to make time for date night. After a few classes, you’ll see it’s not that hard to make time for each other and with such a fun activity to partake in… you’ll be looking forward to it week after week!

5. IT’S AN EXPERIENCE THAT JUST THE TWO OF YOU WILL SHARE: No kids. No friends. No family. Just you. Alone time is crucial in any relationship and can certainly be hard to come by! Dancing will force you to make time for just the two of you.

6. IT’S A VERY SOCIAL ACTIVITY: You and your partner will have a chance to meet other couples with similar interests. Together you’ll make new connections and friends.

7. IT FORCES YOU TO EMBRACE: The power of touch is so important. It’s an integral part of every relationship. As you embrace one another on the dance floor, you’ll feel closer than ever before.

8. IT REQUIRES THAT YOU WORK AS A TEAM: While leaning a new skill you’ll be working together towards one common goal and you’ll be cheering each other on as you go.

9. IT HELPS DEVELOP YOUR COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Communication is key when dancing. Without it you fail. So, if your communication skills need improvement then dance class is a fun place to perfect them.

10. IT’S SOMETHING YOU’LL SHARE FOREVER: Once you learn to dance, you’ll have that skill forever. Years down the road at a wedding or just spontaneously in your kitchen you’ll lock eyes and remember this incredible gift that you’ll share with one another until the end of time.