Watertown Wednesday: Allie & Kate

Virtual Recital

Every week we put the spotlight on someone awesome in the Watertown community who is doing something amazing. We love that our community is filled with stars! If you would like to be featured or know someone who should be, please complete this form. Check out this week’s Watertown Wednesday stars: Allie & Kate!

The coronavirus sure has changed life for everyone. We asked Allie & Kate to tell us how they are spending their time while social distancing. 

Allie has been spending her time stretching, dancing, reading and doing some school work on google classroom. Allie has also been finding new ways to stretch–including yoga with TRX straps and blocks. Kate is spending her time cooking, baking, and trying new recipes –including perfecting her homemade ice cream by adding new mix-ins like caramel and fudge brownies. Since school has been closed, the girls usually spend their school mornings doing work that their teachers provide them with on google classroom.

Virtual Book ClubBoth Kate and Allie are part of a Zoom book club. This gives them a chance to talk with friends and discuss books they are reading. The girls are also taking part in their school newspaper Zoom interviews. These are organized by a teacher at Watertown Public School that runs the school newspapers. The girls have interviewed Ben Jacobson, a research assistant from Harvard Global Partners (interview); Ilana Levine, Broadway actress and podcaster (interview); Cherie Tay, a Broadway stage manager and her assistants; and they have more special guests to interview in the coming weeks.

Zoom has also been a way that the girls can continue their weekly dance classes with their teachers and friends at The Dance Inn in Lexington. The girls also like dancing along with Lilia, Bradley and Jan from Ballroom in Boston with their Facebook classes!

Virtual RecitalThe biggest impact that COVID-19 has  had on the girls is that there have been many big events that have been postponed. Kate played the role of middle Anna in Watertown Children’s Theater’s production of Frozen Junior. Unfortunately, tech week and the performances were not able to be held. Allie played the role of the Enchantress and a servant in Watertown Middle School’s production of Beauty and The Beast, Junior. Like Frozen, that show could not open as planned. Other events that were cancelled include Watertown Public Schools Bandarama, The Dance Inn’s annual dance recital, annual field trips for Watertown Public Schools and other family events that the girls were looking forward to.

Kate feels that one good thing that has come out COVID-19 is experiencing education in a new way. We can try online lessons with our teachers and get to see our classmates in their homes. Allie feels the good that has come out of COVID-19 is having endless time to bond with family. Allie took an afternoon to teach her dad some of her recital dances. It’s moments like that, we usually never have time for.

We love that Kate & Allie are finding the silving lining to being at home with their family 24/7! Kate also created her very own choreography to “Hesitate” by the Jonas Brothers. She worked on this for two days and it is the perfect example of what our awesome community members are up to in the days of COVID-19!

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