What Is The Best First Dance Style For Your Wedding Day?

There are several different ballroom dance styles out there. Watching just one episode of “Dancing with the Stars” will tell you that. The question is, what is the best style for your wedding day?

First Dance

Photography Credit: Leise Jones Photography

The answer depends on the music that you choose.

The Foxtrot, for example, works best with tunes from the Rat Pack era. Artists like Frank Sinatra or (more recently) Michael Buble best compliment this rhythm of dance.

As you can see, the Foxtrot is similar to your traditional slow dance. However, instead of staying in one spot you are continuously moving around the entire dance floor.

While the Foxtrot is a popular first dance option, it doesn’t work with every musical number. A professional dancer/instructor will be able to tell you what dance styles work best with the pace and beat of the song that you choose.

Often, couples find that they like two different dance styles that work with their music. When that happens, we combine the two styles creating one cohesive performance that will absolutely impress their wedding guests.

This technique is most commonly done with the Foxtrot and the Rumba.

The Rumba is a Latin dance. However, traditional wedding choreography tends to stay away from the Latin style moves. Instead, we focus on creating a romantic slow dance feel that is just what many couples are looking for on their big day!

First Dance

The Rumba can usually be danced to most slow songs. It looks a lot like your traditional slow dance but has more structure, making you and your partner look naturally in sync and awesome.

In the end that is really all you want out of a dance style — You want something that is going to make you look calm, confident and natural!

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