Help Your Photographer Capture Great First Dance Photos

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What’s better than a seamless first dance? Amazing photos to prove it!

There are several ways for you to help your photographer snap the best shots of this highly anticipated moment.

First on the list…. make sure you invest in a second shooter. Two cameras will provide you with multiple angles and different views of your performance.

Photography Credit: Bharat Parmar Photography
Photography Credit: Bharat Parmar Photography

It’s also helpful to have a quick conversation with your photographer about your routine.

Sharing information, like which side of the dance floor is the front, assures they’ll be in the best location for your entrance and finale.

Are you wondering how to choose the front vs the back of your routine? That too has to do with your first dance photos.

Think about what you’ll want to see in the background of each shot. Sometimes couples make their wedding party the backdrop of their routine. However, this isn’t something we recommend. If just one person isn’t paying attention or standing up straight then the entire photo is compromised. So instead, we suggest you choose a background you can control.

Photography Credit: Fat Orange Cat Studio

Another helpful piece of information to share with your photographer is the feeling of your dance. Is your performance light and upbeat or slow and romantic? This insight will help your photographer take images that highlight the tone of your performance.

Photography Credit: Hillary Maybery Photography

Beyond a conversation with your photographer, if you have a chance to actually practice your first dance during formal photos, then do it! Showing your photographer your twists and turns will help them know what to look for on the dance floor.

Photography Credit: Bartek & Magda Fine Art Wedding Photography

Once your photographer is up to speed then it’s time to focus on yourself.

You’ll want to make sure your makeup is fresh and your hair is in place. Then, once you hit the dance floor stand up straight, keep your eyes open and most importantly… SMILE!