Why Should I learn to line dance?

Line Dance Facts

Do you think you have two left feet? Do you want to move, but are afraid of messing up with a partner? No problem! Here are some reasons why you should consider learning line dance. 

You don’t need a partner to line dance

If you don’t have a partner, or partner dancing feels too high-pressure, then line dance is for you! Unlike ballroom dances, line dancing lets you maintain your own physical space while still getting the joy of dancing.


Line dancing is easy to learn and widely applicable 

If you can walk, you can master line dance. While the basics are easy to learn, there is also a lot of room for adding accents and variations as you advance. Many people assume that you can only line dance to country music, but there are actually a ton of line dances written to all kinds of music — from oldies to pop and from country to rock, there are line dances for all genres of music!


Line dancing is great for your mind and offers flexibility for people with mobility issues

Dancing might seem daunting because of physical limitations or lack of a partner. However, line dancing is a great way for you to strengthen your body and mind, and you don’t need to have a partner to do it. Studies show that learning dance steps stimulates your brain and improves your memory, helping to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s. It’s more effective than a crossword! Line dance is also great for people with a mobility issue, because you can modify the steps while not greatly affecting the choreography or anyone else dancing.


You won’t let anyone down in line dance

If you worry that you would let your partner down because you step on toes, fear not! There are no partners in this style of dance. You don’t need to rely on others, and you won’t let anyone down if you mess up the steps. You can learn at your own pace and catch up if you miss a step without worrying about throwing someone else off.


It’s an absolute BLAST!

You’ll find that our community of dancers is welcoming, friendly and excited to meet others interested in dance! Finding new friends that enjoy the same hobby that you do is always a treat. 🙂  Our line dancers have a great time every class — what’s not to love about great music, moving your body and great friends?!?

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